27 May

Attract and Retain Talent with a Healthy Culture

Have you thought about recruiting and retaining the best employees as a competition? Finding and keeping an all-star staff can be challenging these days with so many opportunities for job seekers. One way to set your company apart from others is by incorporating healthy habits, health challenges, and rewards into your corporate culture. Here are a few fun health challenge ideas that you can use in your office that will build camaraderie and a healthy culture. 

Step Challenge 

One of the most popular challenges is a step challenge. With so many health devices that track steps and more, it’s easy to set up a challenge. You could hold daily, weekly, and monthly challenges for individuals or teams. 

Sleep Challenge 

Getting the right amount of sleep is essential for our health and, like step tracking, it’s easier than ever to track how much sleep we all get with various fitness devices. Your challenge is to educate your employees on the many benefits of sleep. Have quizzes for your employees and reward your team for participating in the education and quizzes. 

Hydration Challenge 

Another key to improving health and wellness around the office is to encourage proper eating habits and hydration. HidrateSpark smart water bottles and the HidrateSpark app make it easy for employees to track how much water they drink throughout the day. The app can help you set hydration goals for individuals and teams, and you can hold daily, weekly and monthly challenges for groups in your company. Bulk orders for your team are easy to place, and you can make them personal with custom engraving. Check out how to order and the many benefits of HidrateSpark smart water bottles when paired with the HidrateSpark app. 

Attract top talent by incorporating a culture of health and wellness into your company. When your employees are healthy, have enough sleep and plenty of hydration, they’ll be more focused and productive. Learn more about these wellness lifestyle challenges and start incorporating them into your culture today.