12 May

Company Picnics are Back! Step Up Your Swag Game.

As we all put on our work pants and head back to the office, we can begin to enjoy team building and camaraderie in person, not just from the shoulders up virtually. One of the most common, long-standing team-building activities for any business is the annual company picnic. As we all know, after the last year or so that came to a halt; so with everyone getting back to work, who wouldn’t be excited about bringing everyone together to celebrate the reopening of your office?

Whether you’re having a traditional company picnic this summer or not, showing your appreciation with a unique company gift will go a long way this year. HidrateSpark water bottles are the world’s smartest water bottle and are the perfect gift for your team. Say goodbye to the traditional weak plastic bottles. HidrateSpark STEEL smart water bottles are stainless steel, come in multiple colors, and are vacuum insulated to ensure that your water stays cold for 24 hours. Build your team spirit by adding your logo or custom engraving. 

Team Bonding and Health 

With HidrateSpark smart water bottles as your swag, you’re welcoming everyone to your picnic while promoting and fostering good health. When connected to the HidrateSpark app, employees can track their hydration to ensure they’re drinking enough water throughout the day. Enhance the team bonding with group hydration challenges, goals, and more. 

Order Your HidrateSpark Swag Today 

As you get excited to welcome your team back and prep for your company picnic, get ahead of the game with easy bulk ordering and shipping. If you’re not engraving, you’ll have your bottles in a few days, or in just a few weeks if you add your logo. 

Get your team together this year as we’re all moving to a safer, more normal work environment and embrace the company picnic. Step up your swag game with the world’s smartest water bottle. Order your HidrateSpark smart water bottles today