27 Oct

Gifts for Remote Employees

HidrateSpark is The Perfect Holiday Gift for Your Remote Team!

There's no doubt that 2020 has been crazy for the work environment. Many offices have shifted to remote work amidst the pandemic. While we still gather on online platforms like Zoom and Google Meet, it's just not the same as gathering for a company meeting or party. As you begin to think about holiday gifts for your remote employees, think about something unique and healthy. HidrateSpark smart water bottles are the perfect gift to send to your remote team to show your appreciation.

HidrateSpark Smart Water Bottles and App are the Perfect Gift Combo

HidrateSpark smart water bottles with the free HidrateSpark App are a memorable, healthy way for remote employees to stay on top of their hydration. Technology enables HidrateSpark smart water bottles to monitor water intake and remind your employees when it's time to take a drink. As we all know, hydration is a crucial step in a healthy lifestyle.

Customize Your Remote Employee Gifts

With a customized water bottle, your employees can show off your brand while on video calls and during their personal time. HidrateSpark offers you options to add your logo with custom printing or engraving to each water bottle, making the gift unique.

Bulk Shipping Available

Times have changed quite a bit; buying and shipping a bulk order to an office may not be relevant this year. That's why, when you order your HidrateSpark gifts, we'll ship directly to your remote team's home addresses.

Something Memorable

Why do we give gifts to employees? Because it's a small gesture that shows your appreciation and gratitude for the relationship you have and their hard work. HidrateSpark smart water bottles go beyond the typical fruit basket or box of sweets. They're a unique way to promote health and have your company stand out among the other gifts they might receive around the holidays.

Many employees take pride in their company’s brand and are happy to show it off, so as you begin to think about rewarding remote employees for their hard work and flexibility after a tumultuous year, give them the gift of a healthier lifestyle that's unique to your brand. HidrateSpark smart water bottles are the perfect solution.