05 Nov

Give The Most Unique Promotional Gift: Personalized Smart Water Bottles

How many promotional gifts have you received that you would consider memorable? Odds are, probably not that many. As you're thinking about buying premium gifts, why not purchase something that stands out and will promote a healthy lifestyle? HidrateSpark smart water bottles make the perfect and most unique promotional gift. 

Brand Your Water Bottles 

HidrateSpark allows you to custom engrave or add your logo to each water bottle to show off your brand in an outstanding way. 

Bulk Shipping

Buying and shipping a bulk order to an office may not be relevant this year. That's why, when you order your HidrateSpark promotional gifts, we'll ship directly to home addresses. Plus, special discounts are available for orders over 12. 

Promote a Healthy Lifestyle 

HidrateSpark smart water bottles combined with the free HidrateSpark App offers your company a new way to promote health and hydration. The App tracks water intake with daily hydration goals to ensure you are drinking enough water. The bottle lights up to remind people to take a sip and helps you accomplish your daily hydration goals. 

When you're planning your next round of promotional gift ideas, think about a gift that will stand out, make a statement and showcase your brand. Get ahead of the game and order your promotional gifts today.