21 Oct

HidrateSpark Makes the Perfect Employee Gift

The Gift of Hydration!

It seems a bit early to think about the holidays, but if you're thinking about your staff gifts, it's time to plan your purchase. The world's smartest water bottle makes for the perfect holiday gift for your employees. HidrateSpark water bottles and the free HidrateSpark App will help your team stay on top of their hydration. Technology enables HidrateSpark water bottles to monitor water intake and remind people when it's time to take a drink. As we all know, hydration is a crucial step in a healthy lifestyle. It’s also essential to a productive workforce. 

Customize Your Smart Water Bottle Gifts 

You're not giving your staff just another water bottle. HidrateSpark offers options for you to add your logo with custom printing or engraving to each water bottle, making the gift unique for your team. 

Bulk Shipping Available 

Times have changed quite a bit; buying and shipping a bulk order to your office may not be relevant this year. That's why, when you order your HidrateSpark gifts, we'll ship directly to your staff’s home addresses. 

A Gift That Bonds Your Team

If you're buying the HidrateSpark for your team, you're giving more than a cool gift. You can promote a little healthy competition and bonding among your team. Team members can connect via the free HidrateSpark App and track each other's hydration to get those competitive juices flowing. 

As you begin to think about the perfect gift for your employees, give a gift that can improve their health this year. Place your bulk orders for your customizable water bottles today. Explore the options and pricing