27 Jan

Introducing Hidrate Health

Accomplishments feel better when you can share them with co-workers, friends, and family. That’s why HidrateSpark created Hidrate Health, a platform for those to start, continue, and promote a healthy lifestyle through proper hydration. 

The Mission 

The mission is to help encourage healthy habits by staying on top of and monitoring hydration. Hidrate Health can provide a great insight into how hydration can help minimize other health problems like high blood pressure and imbalanced blood glucose levels.  

Hidrate Health Helps You and Partners Stay on Track 

The Hidrate Health platform allows senior living operators, home health care agencies, doctors and physician groups, coaches, and others to track and oversee their group’s hydration progress and shape healthy habits remotely.

Remote Dashboard 

The Hidrate Health dashboard is designed to help educate and guide your hydration daily. Your team or group can ensure the day begins and ends with being well hydrated. To help boost engagement, you can create small competitions and challenges, and measure sustainability in how many plastic bottles are saved by drinking from a HidrateSpark smart water bottle. 

Pair your HidrateSpark smart water bottle with the HidrateSpark App, join your group, and connect with Hidrate Health. 

Easy Integration with Other Wellness Programs 

If you and your group are already using a wellness program, Hidrate Health is easy to pair with other wellness programs and apps such as Fitbit and Apple. 

If you’re looking for a fun, inspiring way to stay on top of your health and hydration with members of a team, check out Hidrate Health today. Learn more and register here.