17 Feb

Step Up Your 2021 Virtual Event Swag Game

Think back to 2019 when you would go to an event and distribute various swag items as you chatted it up at tradeshows. Do you miss it? Do you remember what pieces of swag you found the most popular? A pen, hat, keychain, shirt? Well, like most things in business these days, the way you host an event and send swag is entirely different, and swag is more important than it was just two years ago. Here are a few things to think about when sending swag for your next virtual event. 

On Point Branding 

Does your swag showcase your brand? Does your swag showcase the values of your brand? Without meeting in-person, your swag must work extra hard to show off your brand’s personality. 

Send Something Useful 

Think about what you’re sending. Get creative--your attendees are looking for more than just a pen or another t-shirt. Send something that they could use; it will be more memorable! 

Send Multiple Items 

For an attendee to get the full picture of your brand, send them multiple gifts. You might find it easier to give a better view of your brand when you send multiple swag items. 

The bottom line - swag is better appreciated in the new virtual business world. HidrateSpark smart water bottles are the perfect swag for your virtual event. Available for custom branding with your logo or engraving and easy drop shipping to personal addresses. Step up your swag game for virtual events with the world’s smartest water bottle.