29 Apr

Tap into Hydration with the National Hydration Day Challenge

Have you ever thought about how you’re promoting health and wellness in your office? Do you promote fitness, nutrition, or ergonomics? If not, National Hydration Day on Wednesday, June 23, is the perfect way to get started and help out a charity. Hydration is the center of health and wellness and key for employees to stay healthy and productive throughout the day. 

Water makes up 60% of the adult human body, which makes it essential to maintain hydration, yet, the average adult only drinks 2.5 cups of it in a day. Obviously, that is not nearly enough to keep employees on top of their game. To help ramp up your company's hydration and donate to a good cause, HidrateSpark is offering a special promotion leading up to National Hydration Day. 

The Hydration Challenge is on! 

Beginning June 14th, you and your office can join a 10-day private hydration challenge using the HidrateSpark STEEL smart water bottle and the HidrateSpark app. You can register your company for $64.99/person, and you’ll receive a 21 oz HidrateSpark STEEL smart water bottle, 10-day private hydration challenge, a social good campaign (which is priceless), and three hydration wellness articles. 

Make it Personal with Your Logo

Get your team fired up by adding a little company pride to your water bottle. For $74.99, you can add your company logo to your water bottles. HidrateSpark STEEL smart water bottles make great company gifts that won’t be set aside. Please order your water bottles by May 3 to allow for proper printing time to join the party. 

All for a Good Cause 

This challenge is a fun event that promotes proper hydration, but it also allows you to serve a good cause. For every two days you meet your hydration goal, HidrateSpark will donate to water.org, a global non-profit organization that works to bring water and sanitation throughout the world, and help provide one year of safe drinking water to those in need. 

Promote hydration on National Hydration Day by joining the private challenge leading up to June 23. Register your team today and help contribute to a great cause. Email adi@hidrate.met for more information or to join.