21 Apr

The Perfect Gift for Your 2021 In-Person Meeting

As we’ve all modified our employee gatherings, networking events, and conferences, we’ve also had to alter how we hand out swag to larger groups. Now that life is getting closer to normal, you can begin planning for in-person gatherings depending on your state’s safety guidelines. So how do you show your appreciation for those attending your small event? With “welcome back” swag, of course. 

HidrateSpark Smart Water Bottles: The Perfect Swag 

This will most likely be the first time you’re gathering since the start of the pandemic, so you’ll want to make an impression. Step up your swag game with HidrateSpark STEEL smart water bottles. The world’s smartest water bottles will make a lasting impression as well as show your appreciation for attendees. Their stainless steel design, along with color options and different lid types, provide plenty of choices to impress your guests. 

Make Your Smart Water Bottles Personal 

When you order your HidrateSpark smart water bottles, you can add your logo or choose to have your brand custom engraved on your bottles for a personal touch. 

Why HidrateSpark Smart Water Bottles? 

HidrateSpark smart water bottles are designed to help improve health and hydration. Together with the free HidrateSpark app, users set their hydration goals by recording their height, weight, and lifestyle. Once calculated and paired with their water bottle, technology takes over, and hydration is tracked by the sip. The bottle will glow when it’s time to drink. If you have a willing group, you can make it a team event and set team goals, competitions, and more. 

As you prepare to see clients and employees once again for small gatherings, say thank you with the world’s smartest water bottle. It’s the perfect, memorable gift for your in-person event. Order your team’s HidrateSpark Smart Water bottles today