25 Nov

Working Remote: Tips for Staying Hydrated at Home

These days, many companies are working remotely for at least some of their operations. Most workforces have adapted to working from home, taking advantage of video conferencing and the multitude of communication platforms available. 

While adjusting to a new work format, it's important to keep track of your health and wellness. That includes scheduling water breaks.

It’s easy to get involved in a project and let hydration slide but working remotely hasn’t changed your body’s need for water. 

Working Remotely: Tips to Stay Hydrated at Home

Here are some ideas to stay motivated...

  • Make it convenient. Keep a glass or bottle of water beside you as you work.
  • Buy a reusable bottle that helps track how much water you are drinking. The world's smartest water bottle can even send you reminders and texts.  
  • Even if you are self-isolating, you need to take a break. Get outside and run, bike or just go for a walk. Drink water before, during and after your exercise.
So, even though your company may be working remotely, don't neglect your body's needs for movement and hydration. Schedule water breaks and time to get in a little exercise. It's great for your mind as well as your body.