The HidrateSpark Story

In 2014, we created HidrateSpark because of our passion to help people develop healthy habits. It all began when one of our close friends fell ill and through a process of elimination, we discovered that lack of hydration was the cause. The impact of this experience sparked our curiosity. That’s when we realized no water bottle had the technology to prevent this from happening.

So we went to work to create the perfect solution, at a startup weekend hackathon event. We won an award for our invention, then nurtured our innovation during a three-month Techstars Accelerator program. That culminated in the launch of the HidrateSpark® on Kickstarter. With major momentum and strong investor support, we quickly leveraged our expertise in engineering, design and health and wellness to create the world’s smartest water bottle.

We built HidrateSpark to keep you healthy. Every sip counts, so how much water you need is determined by science, based on your profile, where you live and the amount of water you need to stay healthy.

With 75% of Americans dehydrated, co-founder Coleman Iverson wanted to “make drinking water cool. You can sip, track, monitor how much you need and see the progress. The result: your cognitive, physical and emotional health increases. It’s simple: a hydrated person is healthier and more productive, at work and at home.”

HidrateSpark leaves nothing to chance. It’s a complex process, uniquely designed for you.

As co-founder and product engineer Alex Hambrock explains: “Developing healthier habits doesn’t have to be hard. We’ve created a product that fits into your life without being obtrusive. It’s easy to interact with, even when you’re too busy to check your phone. We designed HidrateSpark to remind you with a glow or alert, to make sure you don’t miss out on the hydration you need.”

Since then, HidrateSpark has grown into the leading global brand, owning the smart water bottle category. Today, HidrateSpark is powering research studies at world class hospitals, including the Mayo Clinic and the Cleveland Clinic. It’s also attracted the attention of healthcare industry leaders, who view hydration as an essential element in health and wellness.

To be your partner in shaping healthy habits. 

Very important! With our data, we are able to determine how many single use plastic bottles we have saved. Right now, we’re up to 36.7 Million.

We believe in unlocking the power of water for all—for optimal health, more energy, clearer skin and a better life.

HidrateSpark 3

The HidrateSpark 3 holds 20 fl oz (592 mL) of water and comes in six eye-catching colors. After listening to feedback from our customers, we made the important decision to eliminate a straw and manufacture our bottle with BPA-Free Food Safe Polypropylene and Tritan plastic. This helps prevent breaks and spills, because we want you drinking water, not cleaning it up. ;)

That said, we love hearing from our customers, so reach out to if you have a suggestion on how we can improve our product.

Here are some of the questions we’ve already received: 

YES, our HidrateSpark 3 is BPA Free, and is made from food safe Polypropylene and Tritan plastic.

Your bottle comes with a sensor stick inside. Your HidrateSpark 3 is powered by a single CR2477 coin cell battery and the HidrateSpark 2.0 is powered by two CR2032 coin cell batteries. That means no charging to worry about! 

When you drink out of the bottle, the sensor measures how much you drank and transfers this data to the hydration app, so it can track your progress throughout the day, week and month.

We know washing dishes can be a pain, so we tried to make cleanup easy! The lid and bottom ring are completely dishwasher safe. The sensor stick and bottle body must  be washed by hand, but we promise it won’t take more than a minute. Yes, we timed it. :)

If you’re a fan of extra cold water you can add  ice to the bottle or put the bottle in the fridge. Just don’t put it in the freezer; it might damage the sensor stick.

We encourage you not to use hot liquids in your bottle. Hot liquids may damaged or effect the accuracy of your bottle's sensor.

Adding fruit or using other liquids (like soda or coffee) might be tempting, but please use your bottle for water only to avoid sensor damage.

We know there are water bottles on the market for less than $20, but we also know those bottles are only good for one thing: holding water. When you buy a bottle you also get the free Hidrate App. Our founders created the HidrateSpark 3 to combat dehydration, so we designed this bottle to do more than just hold water.

Our bottle and app can do all of these + more:

Glows to remind you to drink

Sends fun push reminders to your phone

Automatically tracks water intake with a sensor inside the bottle

Syncs with hydration app via Bluetooth Low Energy (iOS & Android)

Sync with Fitbit, Apple Watch, Apple Health, Under Armour Record, Health Mate, Google Fit & Garmin Connect.

Calculates a personalized daily water goal specifically to you

Never lose your bottle feature. The app shows a pin on the map of the last place you were paired with your bottle.

Compete with friends and see their progress in real time within the HidrateSpark App

Stylish design

Holds water ;) 

We ship your bottle directly from the U.S., so the bottle’s price starts in U.S. dollars. The exchange rate between countries fluctuates daily, and unfortunately, we don’t have any control over this, but rest assured, we’re doing everything we can to keep costs down.

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Shipping & Returns

United States: free shipping.

Canada: starts at $13.99 USD.

If your bottle isn’t working as promised, please check out our return policy and warranty information.


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