Affiliate Contract

Hidrate Inc. (hereafter "Hidrate") and the "Influencer" hereby agree to the following stipulations for collaboration:

The Influencer must reside in the United States or Canada. Hidrate will provide 1 Hidrate Spark 2.0 Bottle (hereafter "Bottle") to the Influencer free of charge, including shipping costs. The Influencer agrees to assemble the Bottle properly and to read and follow all included instructions before use. If there are any issues, the Influencer agrees to notify Hidrate and exchange models before continuing.

Hidrate will provide a unique 10% off discount code to the Influencer, which they may share on social media and with clients during the 2 week campaign period to be agreed upon during email communication with Hidrate.

The Influencer will earn commission on each sale attributed to the Influencer’s unique code during the campaign, earning 5% commission on their first 5 sales and 10% commission on every sale after. The Influencer will be paid via Paypal.

The Influencer must tag Hidrate whenever they post the code on social media. The Influencer may not resell the Bottle. The Influencer may not post their code on deal or coupon websites, and the Influencer should notify Hidrate immediately if they suspect their code is being promoted through unauthorized channels. Should Hidrate discover an Influencer’s code being promoted through an unauthorized channel, they will notify the Influencer and suspend the code until the issue is resolved.