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HidrateSpark has created a habit changing platform. Our Smart Water Bottle pairs using Bluetooth to the Hidrate mobile app which provides glowing bottle reminders and text notifications to keep your water intake on track.

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Small Change For A Big Impact

HidrateSpark 3 is the easiest way to introduce positive habits into your life. Glowing reminders and text notifications keep you on track. Connect with friends within the app for extra motivation and map your progress daily, weekly and monthly. The HidrateSpark 3 smart Bluetooth water bottle, paired with the Hidrate App, is the easiest way to track your hydration.

Hydration Equation

A personalized hydration goal is calculated daily and adjusts throughout the day based on your body and activity level. The app also calculates your environment, altitude, along with your age, weight, height and sex in order to determine your optimal hydration level.

Clinically Proven Accuracy

"HidrateSpark™ is a non-invasive fluid tracker that demonstrates accuracy of true fluid intake to within 3% in a research setting."

Kidney Stone Clinical Trial

A randomized clinical trial to investigate the impact of increased fluid intake and increased urine output on the recurrence rate of urinary stone disease (USD) in adults and children. The primary aim of the trial is to determine whether a multi‐component program of behavioral interventions to increase fluid intake will result in reduced risk of stone disease progression over a 2‐year period.

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